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Support Group Meeting

As a marriage and family therapist and I am passionate about being a guide in helping relationships heal from trauma and overcome communication blocks. I help individuals grow in their relationship with self and others. I enjoy helping couples in new and long term relationships. Furthermore, it is an honor to be a witness to families coming together to overcome systemic generational issues and attachment wounds. 


Do you feel ready to make a life change by taking a journey toward healing? Let me help you tap into your your strengths, rid yourself of dysfunctional beliefs and replace them with functional, positive, self-affirming ones. I am here to listen, develop a plan of treatment, and support you with your goals. The focus of our one-on-one sessions is YOU.


Couple's therapy can help you develop better communication skills with your spouse or significant other. Some couples find it difficult to break  cycles of toxic fighting, so therapy can help better determine what is going on and provide tools to help resolve relationship problems. I enjoy working with couples, and I have completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy which I use in my work. I have gathered powerful resources to guide you in the healing process. Let me be your guide.


Families are systems, and like all systems, they consist of parts which can malfunction. Family therapy provides a forum at which members can discover where the breakdowns are occurring and how they might be repaired. It is a journey during which members can address their issues together, support each other, and nurture change. Family therapy can heal wounds, foster trust, and improve communication with the goal of making your family more wholesome.


If you are considering telehealth therapy, it is encouraging to know that many who have tried it have had a positive experience. People report being comfortable sitting in their own home, without the need to drive to go to their sessions. Those who struggle leaving home due to depression, physical disabilities, or other reasons have found telehealth treatment more accessible by just logging in from their preferred location. There are two options that I provide with Telehealth: video and phone. Some people enjoy phone sessions in combination with a nature walk or some other relaxing activity. 

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